About Me

Hello! I'm Kamil Uğraş Türkoğlu. I am a geography teacher and live in İzmir with my wife, daughter, and our beloved Labrador Retriever, Fox. I studied sociology as my second degree and became a sociologist.

I have a great interest in geography, education, and the use of technology in education, and I constantly strive to improve myself in these areas. It brings me great joy to convey to my students how important geography is for understanding our world. I am also excited to follow and implement innovations related to the use of technology in education in my classroom.

In my time outside of school, I enjoy the internet, design, photography, and the stock market. The internet is an unlimited source of information for me, allowing me to conduct in-depth research on various topics. I take time to improve my skills in design and produce creative projects. Photography allows me to see the world from a different perspective and offers the opportunity to immortalize memories. The stock market attracts me as a field to understand the complexities of the financial world and manage my investments.

This blog has been created to share information about geography, education, technology, and my other areas of interest, to convey my experiences, and to teach new things to my readers. I hope you enjoy reading my posts and engage with these exciting topics. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me. Thank you!

With love,
Kamil Uğraş Türkoğlu

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